About the Show

This unique dance experience encompasses Ballet, Contemporary dance, Hip Hop,
and multimedia visual show, with contemporary music, classical
music and original compositions

World Inner Motion is a themed show that incorporates live dancers and multi-media film footage. It’s a fantasy journey to Kauai, with the dancers depicting the Ocean, the lava forming the land, and dances of natural wild life such as birds, insects, dolphins, and children imitating water droplets in the forest. Development and lively dances of Theater and Flamenco dance infused with modern and contemporary movement set to an original score.

Enchanting, delightful symbiosis plays out thought-out the show between the natural world and the technological worlds bringing contrast and vibrancy.

The cast of 80 dancers are all from Kauai. It is a show created on Kauai for the people of Kauai to enjoy and it’s visitors. The dancers involved are students of Kauai Dance Center, children from ages 3 to adult performers. It’s a professional show that includes the community.

Kauai Dance Center is a educational dance school bringing the best in quality dance education and top quality stage productions to Kauai since 1998.

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This is a great opportunity for your child to perform in front of a very large audience of their peers.